We’ve Passed “GO,” Back to Where It All Began


As Chance would have it, we’ve passed GO and returned to Royal Oak, the city where Premier Communications Group debuted in 1982. This will be the sixth Royal Oak property in our 35-year history.

There’s something to be said about going home. Being rooted in the community has always been important to us, and it was a big factor in the decision to move back. And, truthfully, we missed the railroad crossings and short walks downtown to the coffee shops!

Roll the dice and see if you can correctly answer this question about our properties:


How many Royal Oak locations has Premier called home in our 35-year history?

6 thoughts on “We’ve Passed “GO,” Back to Where It All Began

  1. Don Dale Reply

    Good for the hood! Congrates on your re-entry to Roak. I’ll take ya up on the free coffee! See you soon and enjoy the new digs!!

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